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Which Garage Doors are the Most Secure?

As the largest entrance to your home, it can be common for the garage door to be a target for intruders. An old garage doors, or one with badly fitted latches or frames, is easily forced open, leaving your garage…

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Freezing Cold Garage? Here Are 5 Tips to Keep it Warm

If you find yourself wrapping up warm just to enter your garage, it might be time to investigate how to raise the temperature. Household garages are high-traffic areas, with many family members passing through to collect bikes, perform DIY projects…

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Garage Security: Top Tips and Advice

Don’t leave your garage defenceless. Many homeowners overlook the security of this area of their properties, leaving it vulnerable to would-be thieves. And with many garages housing valuable equipment such as lawnmowers, bikes and electricals, they can be very attractive…

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Why should I automate my existing garage door?

Most manual garage doors are cumbersome to open and close, and sometimes when we’re struggling to lift our garage door, battling the wind and rain, the idea of sitting in our car and simply pressing a button to achieve the…

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