Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Door provides plenty of space in front of and inside the garage. You can drive directly up to the door for parking and the ceiling area of the garage remains available. Made of high-quality corrosion free aluminium, the PCS Roller Garage Doors are equipped with modern door operator, safety edge and hand transmitters as standard.

Roller Garage Doors

The exterior of the roller garage doors is distinguished by a balanced clear look. For a matching overall appearance the curtain cover and guide rolls are also delivered in the colour and finish of the door for RAL colours or closest matching RAL colour for wood effect finishes. All our roller doors can be equipped with Somfy or NRG brand parts. All electronics comes with 5 years warranty and all mechanical parts comes with 10 year warranty. We offer different optional shaft widing and box layouts to cover all possible fit conditions. Standard lead time for Roller Garage Doors is 4 weeks, but selected Roller Doors are available with shorter 2 week lead time.



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Recent installations of roller garage doors

Roller Garage Door Functionality & Safety

  1. Antiburglar curtain lock in the BR-77 s door this protects against the lifting of the curtain from the outside.
  2. Safety of use is ensured by photocells and a safety strip along the edge. If it encounters any obstacle, the door curtain withdraws to an open position.
  3. Clips ensure distance between profiles while winding up the door curtain. As a result, the door operation is quiet, and the life of the panels is extended considerably.
  4. Emergency door opening from inside in case of power failure it is possible to open the door manually using a crank in door BR-77s, and in doors BR-77 E and BR-100 E.
  5. Emergency door opening from outside is used in case a garage has no additional entrance.
  6. Two types of sections – 77 and 100 mm.

Roller Garage Door Designs

Roller Garage Doors – PR-77

Roller Garage Doors – PR-100


Wide selection of colours & finishes

For our customers looking for doors in unique colours, we have prepared powder coating options with colours from the RAL palette.

State-of-the-art film coating technologies enable us to obtain surfaces with structure and colour imitating natural shades of wood effect finishes.

Standard RAL colours for PR-77 Roller Garage Doors

Pure white | RAL 9010
Anthracite Grey | RAL 7016
Moss Green | RAL 6005
Steel Blue | RAL 5011
Sepia Brown | RAL 8014
Jet Black | RAL 9005

Special RAL colours for PR-77 Roller Garage Doors

Ruby Red | RAL 3003
Light Blue | RAL 5012
Fir Green | RAL 6009
Agate Grey | RAL 7038
Window Grey | RAL 7040
Grey Brown | RAL 8019
White ALuminium | RAL 9006

Wood effect finishes for PR-77 Roller Garage Doors

Ambassador B
Black Cherry
Black Cherry AG
Dark Oak
Dark Oak AG
Golden Oak
Golden Oak AG
Irish Oak
Light Oak
Macore AG
Mahogany AG
Mountain Pine
Natural Oak
Rustic Cherry
Rustic Oak
Rustic Oak AG
Sherwood G
Sherwood W
Shogun AC
Shogun AD
Shogun AF
Siena PL
Siena PN
Siena PR
Soft Cherry
Stripe Douglas
Swamp Oak
Tabasco Teak
Teresina XC
Walnut AG
Winchester XA
Winchester XC
Wisconsin XD

Standard RAL colours for PR-100 Roller Garage Doors

Pure white | RAL 9010
Anthracite Grey | RAL 7016
Sepia Brown | RAL 8014
Gentian Blue | RAL 5010

Special RAL colours for PR-100 Roller Garage Doors

Flame Red | RAL 3000
Light Blue | RAL 5012
Basalt Grey | RAL 7012
Gentian Blue | RAL 5010
Grey Brown | RAL 8019
White ALuminium | RAL 9006
Grey ALuminium | RAL 9007

Roller Door Options Adjusted To Your Needs

Three different roller door types are available depending on installation conditions.

PR-77 s roller door. A door equipped with a casing (box) for a winding shaft, which is provided on the shaft perimeter.

PR-77 E roller door. A door equipped with a winding shaft housing.

PR-100 E roller door. A door equipped with a winding shaft housing.

Get some natural daylight in your garage with Roller door glazing options

Please note, we have only showed some examples of glazing, to obtain full list of possible glazing please get in touch with us.

PR-77 roller door with example 1 profile glazing.

PR-100 roller door with example 3 profile glazing.

A perfectly matching side door with your garage door

We offer side doors built from same profiles to create an even, matching appearance.

PW-77 Single Leaf Side Door

PW-77 Double Leaf Side Door

PW-100 Single Leaf Side Door

PW-100 Double Leaf Side Door

PW-77 Single Leaf Side Door with Glazing

PW-77 Double Leaf Side Door with Glazing

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