Can Electric Garage Doors Be Opened Manually?

Electric garage doors are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason: they’re convenient. Whether you park your car in your garage, use it as a home gym or simply use it for additional storage, an electric door will save you time and hassle. No more wrestling with a heavy door in the pouring rain – simply push a button and voila, the door glides open.

But what happens when the electrical system malfunctions or there’s a power cut? Happily, the former situation is rare; modern electric doors are extraordinarily reliable (all of ours come with a 10-year warranty, which rather proves our point). Power cuts aren’t all that uncommon, though. On an average day, as many as 80 power cuts occur across the UK.

If you’re unlucky enough to need access to your garage during one of those power cuts, will you still be able to gain entry?

Opening an electric garage door manually

Fortunately, garage door manufacturers have thought of this. Each door comes with its own built-in failsafe, a way to operate the door manually without the assistance of any electronics. These manual overrides differ depending on the model of door you have, but the principle always remains the same: once the override is triggered, the door will open just like a conventional, manual version.

Some electric doors come complete with a release mechanism, which is installed on the handle itself. Others require you to insert a key and turn it, disabling the electric motors – and some (roller doors in particular) come with external winding handles, allowing you to manually raise or lower the door in the event of a power cut.

In most cases, though, you won’t even need to worry about resorting to the manual override.

Modern electric garage doors typically come with built-in batteries, which act as a backup power source should the mains electricity fail. These batteries are trickle charged off the mains electricity when not in use, drawing a very small amount of power. Then, when the mains electricity fails, they automatically spring into action, allowing you to lift and lower the door several times.

In summary

In summary, yes, electric garage doors can be raised or lowered manually if you’re without power… but with most modern doors, you won’t even need to go that far. The battery backup system allows you to simply continue using your door as you normally would. Genius, right?

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