Side Sliding Garage Doors

PCS side sliding garage doors are extensively versatile, and adaptable to fit any shape or size of garage. They open horizontally, and slide simply on the wall, allowing for maximum storage and access space, perfect for storing larger items on ceiling. In our wide selection of side sliding garage doors you will find best possible solution. Our maintenance free finish and 10 year warranty gives you complete peace of mind and big savings.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side sliding garage doors are perfect for those who wishes to use the entire ceiling space of garage, for example, to store surfboards or canoes.
With the new side sliding garage door model out, now the so-called wicket door function is standard, allowing quick and secure access to your garage.
Our insulated side sliding garage doors with the coefficient similar to the one of the multi-chamber windows used for energy saving construction. Panels filled with polyurethane foam produced at our own factory and systems of seals contribute to this low coefficient.



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Recent installations of side sliding garage doors

Side Sliding Garage Door Functionality & Safety

  1. Heavy duty aluminium guiding rails and twin roller carriages ensures smooth and reliable door
  2. Brush seals along all perimeter.
  3. Low threshold aluminium profile provides perfect water drainage, smooth passage and easy maintenance.
  1. Aluminium hardware, top carriages and no spring system provides quiet and easy operation.
  2. Lintel profile for side sliding doors.
  3. 40 mm thick insulated sandwich panels ensure thermal and acoustic insulation.

Side Sliding Garage Door Designs

Side Sliding door panels without ribs

stainless steel finish

Side Sliding door panels with high ribs

winchester oak finish

Side Sliding door panels with low ribs

jet black RAL 9005 finish

Side Sliding door panels – cassette style

white aluminium RAL 9006 finish

Side Sliding door panels with micro ribs

traffic white RAL 9016 finish

Side Sliding door panels with top ribs

traffic white RAL 9016 finish


Standard colours for Side Sliding Garage Doors

Colza Yellow | RAL 1021
Fire Red | RAL 3000
Gentian blue | RAL 5010
Leaf Green | RAL 6002
Anthracite Grey | RAL 7016
Ashen Grey | RAL 7032
Sepia Brown | RAL 8014
White Aluminium | RAL 9006
Dark Silver | RAL 9007
Traffic White | RAL 9016

Film coat finishes for Side Sliding Garage Doors

Golden Oak
Old Oak
Dark Oak
Winchester Oak
Anthracite quartz
Natural Oak
Stainless Steel
3D White
3D Grey

Surface textures for Side Sliding Garage Doors



Let the sunlight in! Check out our selection of available glazing for side sliding garage doors. Different sizes and panes are available, please contact us for more information.

A-1 Style Windows

C-1 Style Windows

E-1 Style Windows

O-1 Style Windows

W-1 Style Windows

Glazed Panel

Visual Panel

The PETRO drive unit

Powered By

All our automated side sliding garage doors are equipped with The PETRO drive unit which is a proven technology from Somfy, combined with a unique housing designed according to the standard of PCS brand.

The result is a drive unit with excellent technical parameters and remarkable, but timeless design.

PETRO is a new generation of drive unit. It combines great technical capabilities with full control, comfort and security. It is a precise configuration of drive unit and innovative approach to design.

The form of PETRO drive housing reflects the idea of minimalist design, and a classic black and white colour gives it a sophisticated elegance, while keeping a light and uniform body.

The Pulsar transmitter enables remote control of the garage door and programming up to 4 different devices. It is made of extremely durable materials, which ensures long life.

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