Five Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Replacing

No matter how well you take care of your garage door, it’s not going to last forever. Eventually, it’ll start showing its age, whether it be due to peeling paint or rust, or as a result of a worn out mechanism that makes opening and closing it a troublesome task.

If your door is looking a little worse for wear and you’re unsure whether or not to invest in a replacement, here are five signs to look out for. If you find yourself saying yes, yes and yes again to all of the points listed below, get in touch with us for a quote!

It’s old

We know this sounds obvious, but bear with us. Even if your door is in perfect shape, if it’s more than a decade old, it’s likely to be lacking in both the security and energy efficiency departments. If you’re serious about keeping your car or your belongings safe, a new garage door will make a significant difference. Many older models are surprisingly easy for thieves to defeat.

The same goes for energy efficiency. If your garage is built into your home and has an old, ill-fitting door, the draft that comes through it could be forcing your heating system to work overtime. Switching that out for a more modern, energy efficient alternative could pay off in the long run, bringing your bills down over the winter months.

It’s making strange noises

Garage doors shouldn’t make grinding sounds under any circumstances. If yours is starting to sound a little rough, the chances are that it’s past its best. It may simply require a little maintenance, but there’s a good chance that a replacement door will be the only viable long-term solution.

It doesn’t operate smoothly

If your door opens inconsistently – for example, sometimes it opens too quickly and sometimes it opens really slowly – this is another sign of a worn out mechanism. We would advise getting this checked out by a specialist, but usually symptoms like this are indicative of a door that’s reached the end of its life.

It’s getting rusty or rotten

This is one of the most common reasons for replacing a garage door. If yours is made of steel, like many are, a couple of paint chips here and there could be all that’s needed for rust to set in. If your door is getting noticeably rusty, we would recommend getting a new one.

The same goes for wooden doors. If yours is beginning to rot, it’s likely that it will be due for replacement fairly soon.

It’s sagging

Got an ill-fitting, sagging door that no longer sits level? This most often happens with wooden doors, and there’s very little that can be done to reverse the damage once it gets to this point.

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