The Benefits of Up and Over Garage Doors

Choosing the garage door that’s right for your home can feel like an overwhelming task. We’re not talking about the colour selection here – there’s more to a garage door than just looking great. The first step to investing wisely in your property’s garage is finding the door style that works for you.

We’ll uncover the benefits of up and over garage doors in this article and help you discover why this particular style of garage door has pipped every other garage door to the post to become the UK’s most commonly-installed garage door.

Space-saving design


One of the first steps for choosing a garage door is style and material. Some common materials are steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. These are wonderful selections and are durable, offer aesthetic value and versatility and are energy efficient.

Easy to use

Up and over garage doors are known for their exceptional ease of use; the specially selected extension springs ensure that lifting the door doesn’t feel like a chore. Add a boom and electric operator motor for effortless movement of your door, perfect for driving in and out of the garage without leaving the comfort of your car.  


Owing to their popularity, you’re able to select from a mammoth range of up and over garage doors, including those manufactured in timber, steel and GRP. Choose the size that meets your needs and the colour that leaves your home looking fabulous – there’s no lack of choice with this style of door.


Given the ease of use and versatility, you might expect that your garage door would be expensive, but that’s just not the case. An up and over door is often the most cost-effective in terms of the style of doors available and with prices starting from just a few hundred pounds, it’s the perfect option for those on a tight budget. 

Durable and long-lasting

The simplicity of the mechanism alongside high quality materials are the secret weapons of the up and over garage door. Aside from occasionally lubricating the moving parts, you can rest easy knowing that your garage door should last at least 10 years, surviving everything the British weather throws at it in that time. 

It’s easy to see why homeowners are so fond of this inexpensive garage door style. If you’re looking for an up and over garage door that will stand the test of time, get a quote from us now.


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