Steel Garage Doors vs. Wooden Garage Doors: Which One Is Right For You?

One of the important and prominent aspects of your home is undoubtedly the garage doors; they are an integral part of your home aesthetics. The first thing that can be seen by the visitors is your garage door that comes to your house and also the last thing they will see while leaving your house. Hence, you should have the right garage door and this is an essential part in terms of the exterior beauty and aesthetics of your home. For those who are in search of installing a new garage door or replacing an existing one, we have a wide range of options are available with varied designs, colors and materials. But it can be a crucial choice for you whether you should go for a wooden garage door or a steel garage door. For those who are considering installing a new garage door would definitely want to know about its durability and how long will it last. The lasting of garage doors also depends on the maintenance by the homeowners and how much care they do for their new garage door.


Traditional Wooden doors require regular maintenance that include refinishing and other steps to make it last longer. But steel doors demand less attention and the longevity of the steel garage doors depends on the strength of the material and the quality of steel that is used for the garage doors. 28 gauge steel cannot hold up as strongly as the thick 24 gauge steel doors. Hence choosing a stronger gauge of steel panel ensures that your garage door will be able to endure against major abusive behaviors including denting.

Look & Appeal:

Wooden doors are mostly preferred because of their aesthetic appeal they provide to the look of your house. House owners tend to select wooden doors if their homes are street facing as the wooden doors add touches of beauty to your home and will also increase your property value. steel doors can be made to imitate their wooden counterparts that extend their range of options for the house owners while deciding between steel and wooden garage doors.


If you use your garage as a workshop, insulation is a crucial aspect you should take into consideration. Wooden doors are better insulating compared to the doors that are made out of steel solely. On the other hand, insulated steel doors are better than the wooden doors. Hence insulated steel doors are the best choice for homeowners who are willing to keep their garages from mimicking external temperature and weather conditions.


Wooden doors are a classy alternative that will add beauty and elegance to your house and are the perfect choice for your old as well as modern homes. These can be economical too even though most of the homeowners prefer to have wooden garage doors as they provide a kerb appeal and adds a touch of elegance to your home look. Steel doors have the quality of durability that can withstand the relentless heat of summers. Steel garage doors with wooden counterparts can withstand any rainstorm or moisture and protect your garage door from damaging as the wood can get twisted or damaged.


Steel doors do not require much potential maintenance in comparison to wooden doors. Wooden garage doors require painting or stained every alternate year or the doors start getting worn out. But with steel doors, washing once or twice a year will do and they will have a new look for years together. Regardless of any taste or preferences, we have a variety of styles and designs available for you and your home.


Again, while considering steel doors, you might worry about the rusting of their garage doors. But most of the garage doors consist of a polyester finish coating that prevents them from rusting. However, cheaper steel doors might rust but you can remove the rust quite easily and quickly. The choice of homeowners between steel garage doors and wooden garage doors depends on their desired style and varies depending on the load they wish to put on their garage door. For those wanting a reliable and insulated garage door that will be long lasting, steel garage doors will be a wise choice. On the other hand, wooden doors are for those who are ready to put a lot of time for maintaining and are willing to have a kerb appeal for their doors. Both of these choices are great and both of them offer you with certain benefits as well as drawbacks. Garage doors can be made from different materials. Steel garage doors are one of the most common types of garages in the UK and people at first think of steel when they think of garage doors. Steel garage doors last very long due to its durability as well as dependability. Steel garage doors are painted with a particular type of polyester paint that increases the longevity of the door and also help to prevent fading. Steel garage doors are the most popular type as they can be customized easily in order to fit any style or taste you want in your home. Steel garage doors are smooth and even in surface and even if you wish to paint your garage door, the process is quite simple. Steel garage doors are available in a variety of looks and finishes with wood grain finishes, when required. Homeowners can have their choice of styles, unique with a variety of finishes that make your garage doors stylish even without spending the high costs of real wooden doors. Garage doors are one of the most appealing things for your home and they are a visually pleasing aspect for your home’s look. There are many styles available so you can match your aesthetics with the design you choose. Steel garage doors are a traditional choice but you can have several options for colors and styles and these can be easily maintained.


Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preferences. Steel doors or classy wooden doors for your house? Whichever type you choose, just make sure to choose the right supplier and door installation service provider like PCS Doors who will offer you the best results. Have further queries? Get in touch with us and get a free estimate for your new garage door from PCS Doors.
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