How Different Garage Doors Give Your Home a Unique Appeal

A simple but striking makeover can bring a fresh excitement to the front look of your house. Also adding a curb appeal is quite a big deal in terms of increasing the value of your home.

A new residential garage door can bring a drastic improvement and add a curb appeal to increase the value of your home within a day. In simple words, curb appeal means the first impression of your home in the eyes of people from outside. The term ‘curb appeal’ used frequently by real estate agents while helping owners of homes those who are about to sell their houses. Before entering the house, most of the house hunters make up their minds about their dream home even before entering their house and this is the reason why realtors put emphasis on the importance of the exterior appearance of your homes.

Garage door is one of the important aspects and definitely the first thing noticed by people when they pass by your house or drive to your house. A brand new garage door adds style, energy efficient and provides security to your home. A new garage door ensures an increased curb appeal and adds a rich value to your home instantly.

Most of the folks do not think about the replacement of their garage door until they actually do that, in case the door gets damaged or discolored or has stopped operating for some reason. But stylish and design lovers quite understand the difference that a new garage door can bring in the exterior face look. A new garage door contributes one third of the total curb appeal of your home. Installing a new garage door is much more than a mere makeover. It also increase the resale value of your house as most of the potential buyers judge a house by its exterior look and face lift.

Garage door makeovers can bring a revolutionary change in the impression of your home in the eyes of the beholder. A plain house can get a modern look with the help of clean geometric lines while some wooden panels add an emphasis to the classic appeal of your home. Windows can also help to break the monotony of wide garage doors. The style, material and color of the garage doors also should be kept in mind before installing your garage door.

Have a look at how different garage door types can bring a curb appeal to your house and add the first impression to your house.

Steel Garage Doors

Carriage houses might have got obsolete nowadays if we talk about their functionality but the style of the carriage houses is still prevalent in many mainlands of UK. This ancestral style adds a sophisticated touch to the country homes. Steel garage doors are a must element for these carriage houses. These give the houses a rustic look along with addition of modern durability and convenience. You can choose from our huge range of steel garage doors and customize colors and style according to your choice. Our garage doors complement your home in the best way and add a rich element to your home’s architecture and bring back your old house back to life.

Carriage house garage doors are the latest trend in the style of garage doors or your house. These doors might be wooden or steel and they give high end look of yesteryear garage doors with the functionality of high tech doors.

Steel Garage Doors

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

In many cases, the garage doors does much more than merely protecting your cars and other garage equipment. Garages can be turned into cool work spaces with the help of garage doors. Aluminum garage doors allow natural light and fresh air to break through and illuminate your space while you repair your cars or paint your vehicles. You can use your garage rooms as a project room with your gang and enjoy the sleek lines of the aluminum garage doors. These stylish doors can completely give a modern look to your home.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

If efficiency is the key, steel garage doors can add an aesthetic value to your homes. Both the look and performance of insulated steel. Steel garage doors keep your homes efficient and allow central heating and air systems can do their jobs. They help to stop outdoor-indoor heat transfer and vice versa. Garages are not controlled by climatic conditions hence it is important to insulate your garage doors.

Insulated garage doors helps to protect your homes from air flow and add a versatile look to your home with elemental styles.

Insulated Garage Doors

Traditional Wood Garage Doors

Almost every garage door material can be made stylish to look like wood right from vinyl, fiberglass to steel. But some of the homeowners do not choose to compromise the real wooden look by real natural wood. However, water damage is definitely a concern for traditional wooden garage doors.

Our wooden garage doors are sealed with a waterproof adhesive so you can be worry free and enjoy your brand new stylish wood garage door.

Wooden Garage Doors

Garage Doors With Windows

If you never had a garage door with windows, this feature might not have been in your mind. But addition of windows in garage doors can bring in a transformation. A wide garage door occupies a large section of your home’s facade. But it depends on what style you are choosing. Sometimes, windows can diminish the effect of the beautiful designs of your garage look.

Be it a luxurious look or rustic or modern look for your home, or you prefer a unique look, a garage door is a must to break the monotony of your house.

Garage Doors with window


Garage doors come in steel, aluminum and wood in anodized aluminum frames. Steel doors are lower in price and low maintenance garage doors. Wooden doors are available in many species of wood. They can be painted with your favorite colors and styles.

Dreaming it? PCS Garage Doors can design stylish garage doors and build it according to your specifications for distinctive styles and the main thing- the curb appeal that is the wow factor!

We offer a selection of high-quality garage doors here at PCS Garage Doors, all designed with maximum security in mind. With a 10 year guarantee on all fittings, you can rest assured that your door is made from the finest materials, with a professional installation service to ensure a perfect fit.

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