Complex approach to residential fences by PCS ensures functionality, safety and aethetics. We supply and install metal fences, fence panels & garden fences.

Fences – Fence Panels – Garden Fences

Our metal fences are made out of high grade steel which is covered using Duplex double protection system which ensures long lasting fences, fence panels & garden fences.

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Corrosion protection


All PCS fencing system elements are rust-protected with top anticorrosive coating achieved by galvanising and powder painting. It is a hot dip galvanising of a chemically cleaned construction that provides dozens of years of rust protection to PCS fences, fence panels & garden fences.


Efficient protection

Galvanising is an efficient economically technique in terms of both production and maintenance. Galvanised fences by PCS does not require surface maintenance for years. Rust-proofing no longer means expensive treatments as with traditional fencing. Galvanised steel may be recycled so it does not litter or burden the environment.


Duplex system – Double protection

Combined galvanised and varnish coatings in the DUPLEX system make PCS fences, fence panels & garden fences serve considerably longer. In all weather conditions PCS fencing will look attractive. RAL colour palette application makes a selection of polyester coating colour easy.


Proofed in every conditions

Galvanising by PCS complies with the European norm PN-EN ISO 1461 which guarantees proper quality of galvanised products. Galvanised coating is resistant to both high and low temperatures and UV radiation for best protection of steel surfaces.


Recent installations of Fences

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Why is it worth investing in a complete fence system?

The term “Fence System” means: gates, wickets, segments, posts and fitting accessories, that is all elements necessary to fence off the site functionally. When ordering a complete system, you are sure to obtain matching appearance of the whole fence. You know that it will be easy to assemble and final result with be outstanding. Moreover, you may order the whole fence in one place, not wasting your time and energy on searching for individual elements. The PCS Company offers complete fence systems in various styles and finishes.

Why the CE marking ont the fencing guarantees safety?

The CE symbol indicates the fences that satisfies requirements specified in the European Standard EN 13241-1. This standard demands a lot from all fence manufacturers as regards safety of people and property. Engineering concepts applied in the PCS fences: used materials, metal cover protection and safety edges guarantee safe operation of the fences.

How to design a fence?

Fence variants

Fence panels, system posts, gates and wickets made of steel

Fence panels, gate and wicket made of steel, and fixed to brick posts.

Fence steel panels and system posts mounted onto a wall base.

Stepping of fence panels.

Slanting fence panels

Sliding gate is a universal way to close the entrance. Its leaf does not occupy any space in the gate clearance, as it slides along the fence inside not touching the ground

We can install a double-leaf gate in any place with sufficient space for free opening of its leaves

Wicket shall be installed so as to ensure free entry into the premises. It may be opening in any direction.

Letter-box shall be located near wicket. Fitted in a segment, it matches well the whole fence.

It is easy to solve the issue of waste container presence at our plot – necessary, although not very pleasant. We may build for this purpose a garden house, wall, or hoarding provided with extra wickets or segments.

If there are any obstacles (trees, shrubs, posts, electric distribution boxes) in the fence line, which are to be left in their place, we must bypass them using fence segments of nonstandard sizes and shapes

If we have to provide comfortable access to connections of service utilities in different parts of the plot, we may use additional wickets or gates for that purpose.

Wide selection of colours & finishes

For our customers looking for fences in unique colours, we have prepared powder coating options with colours from the RAL palette.

Standard RAL colours for Fences

RAL 5010

RAL 6005

RAL 7016

RAL 7030

RAL 8014

RAL 8019

RAL 9005

Non-Standard RAL colours for Fences

RAL 3005

RAL 7040

RAL 8017

RAL 9016

Modern Graphite

Special colours for Fences


Cast Iron


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Your details are safe with us. We won’t handle them out with any 3rd party. #wewouldneverdothat