Choosing a Garage Door Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Want to upgrade your house with a new garage door? There are numerous options. Right from choosing materials to selection of windows, colors of doors and windows, handles and accessories- your choice of garage doors is an extension for enriching the personality of your home.

Before buying a new garage door, you should know what are you looking for your home and choose from a wide range of advantages this new improvement can offer you.
With PCS Garage Doors, your dream door can be possible within just a few days! Explore thousands of potential garage door designs that will complement your home.
Each time you leave your home or return to your home sweet home, the garage door comes across your eyes. But have you stopped and thought about the impact of the garage door that contributes to the look of your home.

The garage door has become one of the dominant features of your home exterior look. Paints, architectural designs and different landscapes- all contribute to enhance the character of your home. The curb appeal gets suffered when your garage door gets worn out, outdated or no more complement your house.
But garage doors are not only about aesthetics. The right garage door can be directly beneficial to homeowners, both instantly and in the long run. Hence garage doors should never be an afterthought. A new garage door is an opportunity to serve your home instant facelift in a cost effective way.

If it has been years together that you have not purchased a garage door, you will be surprised to see that things have changed immensely and garage door companies like PCS Garage Doors offer wide range of durable low maintenance materials and styles with numerous options to choose. You can also customize your garage door to suit your home.

Step 1: The Right Material and Design

One of the first steps for choosing a garage door is style and material. Some common materials are steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. These are wonderful selections and are durable, offer aesthetic value and versatility and are energy efficient.


Step 2: A Pop of Color

Once your garage door selection is done, and the style and model is chosen, it’s time for some creativity. The color you choose for your garage door must complement the rest of your house and create a cohesive look for your home.

PCS Garage Doors offers thousands of colors for you to choose from. You can also choose a different color for the trims. For instance, a grey garage door will have a crisp and clean look along with a whitish trim. You can mix and match any color combination to give the perfect look to your home.


Step 3: Decorate Your Garage with Windows

Select your window styles, glass types and other decorative hardware. Customize your garage door in your own type and PCS Garage Doors makes it easy for you to choose the window style that would look best on your garage door. PCS Garage Doors offers you several glass types depending on your preferences. There is also an abundance of hardware options that enhance the aesthetics of garage doors. You can create unique doors by remaining cost effective.

With PCS Garage Doors, you can have a new garage door in no time and your ideal garage door will be designed quite easily.


Step 4: Energy Savings

In many houses, the garage door gets opened and closed very frequently and the temperature inside the garage door rises up and down. If the garage is attached to your house or when your garage serves as a workshop or a utility room, the temperature is very crucial not only for the comfort but also for the electric bills. Temperatures of your garages have a direct impact on the adjacent residing lands. Keep checking your utility bills. In case its sky high, your garage door, however, is to be blamed. However, there is an easy and cost effective solution to curb this- garage door insulation.

Insulated garage door are sustainable and ensure stable temperature levels. Insulated garage doors help to keep your garages 10 to 20 degrees warmer during a cold winter day. If you want to raise the energy efficiency of your home and garage but you must be pretty sure to double check the insulating properties of garage doors you choose. PCS Garage Doors offers you the freedom for choosing any garage door insulation type that is best suited for your home. Whatever be your choice, you can rely upon us for greater comfort and ensure energy savings with our range of insulated garage doors.


Step 5: Check on The Returns

We all are aware that improvement in your home adds rich value to your interior as well as exterior. From a return on investment point of view, this is a vital aspect. Garage door replacement occupies the top most positions when we speak of cost effectiveness. Some reports even suggest that the homeowner spends about 90% of the amount spent on garage door upgradation. Maintenance of garage doors is a long term investment for safeguarding your returns. Each and every garage door demands annual maintenance to help them run smoothly. Not all garage doors are meant to last and some of them need a constant and ongoing finish and up-keeping to retain their beauty and functionality for several years. But insulated garage door models are more durable and are low maintenance doors so that you can enjoy benefits of your new garage door hassle free and wonderfully.

Step 6: Durable and Reliability

Bygone are the days when garage doors were merely opened and closed. In modern days, garage doors have eye catching designs with complementing colors and architectural styles for your home. Savvy homeowners are well aware of the garage doors that can deliver maximum comfort and are energy efficient. Nowadays more and more homeowners are searching for garage door replacement to get a more reliable service and boost your resale value. With the changing times, garage doors play a central role in both aesthetic as well as practical means. PCS Garage Doors helps you to transform your home look and appearance of your home. You also have the confidence to take the next step.


Step 7: Choose the Right Style

A worn out garage door can have a bad impression for the visitors to your home. The vice versa can have a positive effect on your home’ appearance. Upgrading garage doors enhances the visual appeal of your garage long with the full exterior look of your house. So you should choose a garage door style that will complement your house.

Go for a successful and wise choice for the right look of your home and renowned manufacturers like PCS Garage Doors offer wide range of options. You can also design a customized door depending on your specifications.


Step 8: Select a Practical Door

Different types of garage doors function in different ways. Swinging doors opening outwards from central splits while the sliding door types are sliding right to left. One door type definitely surpasses the other types in terms of popularity like our sectional garage doors. House owners prefer the sectional design for garage doors for a couple of reasons.

Unlike swinging doors that demand adequate clearing, sectional garage doors roll up and down. Also these door types pair easily with automatic garage door openers. But this doesn’t mean that other garage door types cannot automate but might demand greater costs. Many of the garage door companies offer various traditional carriage house door designs but operate with modern conveniences.


Step 9: Focus on Care Requirements

Garage doors should be maintained in a proper way to make the door look best as well as perform to its fullest. Some materials demand more care compared to the others. There is no denial of the beauty of natural wood garage doors but many homeowners avoid wooden doors as it needs periodic refinishing and regular maintenance. There are many other materials with the wooden look but demands less maintenance. Some doors combine wood fibers and synthetic resins and emulating the look of wooden doors besides providing utmost durability. Steel garage doors are another great option.

Step 10: Don’t Ignore Thunderstorms

As the garage doors are large in sizes, they are very much vulnerable to strong and higher winds. Tornado and hurricanes can damage and break garage doors. Unfortunately, there are no windproof garage doors. Surges in air pressure can be destructive or and cause devastating effects on your garage doors. In areas prone to severe storms, you would require compliant doors that can withstand wind resistance. Wind resistant garage doors are more costly in comparison to the other models but the appearance remains same with both the door types. This means that you don’t need to compromise on your door look for storm preparedness or vice versa.


A new garage door will not provide safety and security to your garage but also you can have an easy access to your garage. Garage doors also help to refresh the overall appearance of your home specifically in terms of curb appeal. A new garage door can provide an instant curb appeal to your property.
With today’s technological advancements, the materials used for garage doors can withstand weather conditions for several years such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood composites. Wood also remains a favorite for homeowners but most of the consumers prefer steel and wood garage doors.

If you are interested in roller garage doors, please see our range of Aluminum Garage Doors. So, what are you waiting for?

PCS Garage Doors comes with the best range of garage doors for your situation that will suit your home and is easily operated, durable and functional for years together.

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