Build Your Perfect Door

We decided to make choosing your garage door more simple. Try this quick and easy PCS Garage Door Builder which will generate enquiries to your local PCS branch.

It is a simple 5 stage process: simply enter your opening dimensions, choose the type of door you want (Up & Over, Roller, Side Hinged, Sectional or Side Sliding) and then select the actual door panel from our wide range of styles. The door builder will only offer you garage doors available in your size and then allows you to choose from a range of options, colours and handles.

Once you have chosen, at the click of a button, the Door Builder will automatically email your door as an enquiry to your local PCS branch.

1. Door Opening Dimensions

Please measure the opening or your existing door opening and then enter the sizes into the boxes provided. Press “Next Step” and this will allow the Door Builder to present you all the doors available for your opening.

If you don’t know the door or opening size you can simply press “Skip” to choose the type of door you are interested in configuring.

Don’t worry if you get your dimensions slightly wrong, our surveyor will verify the size before actually placing any order.

Opening Width*


Opening Height*


IPlease enter whole numbers, measured in millimetres. The minimum width available in our standard ranges is 1250 mm and the minimum height is 1800 mm

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