12 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Garage Door

When your garage door is shaking or broke down or making a squeaking noise, it’s time that you need to get a new one. Garage doors are not a one size fits all things, so you need to be careful about what you want and what your requirements before installing a garage door are. While you are in the market, there are several choices that can be overwhelming for you. Hundreds of styles you can choose from but you need to check different aesthetics before taking anything into consideration. However, it is important for you to pay most attention to the functionality of the garage door you choose. Once installed, it will be a part of your house décor and remain for several years. Hence it is crucial that you consider the look before buying your garage door. There are several things to consider before taking any decision and then choosing a garage door becomes rather an easy job. Get to learn more about the options available and you can make a better decision about purchasing your garage door. Decide about the amount of money you are willing to pay, which material and style suit the best for your home along with other aspects before choosing a garage door.


While installing garage door at your home, you should put a higher emphasis on the attractiveness of the door. You need to enhance the kerb appeal of your door. A high kerb appeal of your house usually gets a price hike while it goes on to the market. And almost all of us would sell their homes at some point of time. Hence, while installing garage door at your place or business, you should put emphasis on the functionality as well as on the attractive look it carries. Functionality is a crucial aspect for both locations, home and office, but embarks a different emphasis and aesthetics.


You should establish a budget for your new garage door and other necessary door accessories before getting into a deep research about them. This ensures that you search for garage doors within your reach and do not fall in love with doors that are beyond your financial reach. Make sure that the doors that lie on the lower end of the price spectrum usually have a shorter life span and less durability and demand maintenance on frequent intervals for a smoother operation. Hence you should be careful enough about spending a lump sum amount of money for a high quality door that will prove to be a good investment in the future, particularly if your garage door has a lot of use on a regular basis.


Raised panels, windows, side hinged doors, door conversions- there are several options available in terms of design and materials, look, shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide range of styles available to achieve the best results you want.


Garage doors are made up of different materials but most of the doors are built from aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, etc. Each of the materials comprise of its own benefits as well as hitches. But if you are well aware of the pros and cons of different materials of garage doors, it will be easier for you to choose the right garage door for your home depending on your needs.

Style & Kerb Appeal:

The garage is one of the prominent features of your home. Try to match the garage door look to the style of your home to ensure a good impression. Steel garage doors are the perfect choice for your traditional homes whereas the classic houses need carriage style doors. Aluminum doors will give a contemporary look to your modern homes.

Weather Conditions:

The local climate can have an influence on your choice of garage doors. Insulation is a must for most of the houses during winters and therefore steel would be the right choice. Before deciding on a door, be well aware of its resistance power and its susceptibility to sun exposure, shade exposure, water and moisture exposure.


It all depends on what functions do you want your garage door to do. If your garage is for keeping valuable items or if your garage is attached to your home, security is one of the prior things that should be taken into consideration. If your garage door will tend to get heavy and rough use, make sure that your door is much durable and built to last under such coarse conditions. In case you travel more frequently or there are many people accessing your house several times, then you should be able to conduct a constant monitoring on the garage and have a control over it from your smartphone. You can also have a look at the modern features available for garage doors to decide upon the garage doors that will be worth for your house.


Garage door maintenance can be a big thing to keep up with for garage door to extend its longevity. Your garage door would require a sort of maintenance change depending on the material of the door. For instance, wooden doors require oil treatments for protecting them against certain elements. But some of the doors need only normal scrubbing for their cleaning.


One of the most important features that should be taken into consideration by house owners is security. Garage doors might have openers with equipped technology and this comprises a certain feature for which the security code would change every time one uses the remote. This can prevent stealers from getting the opener code of your garage door.


When your garage is in a high traffic area or you have children and pets in your house, you should install garage door openers with a safety sensor. This is a must! The safety sensors can easily detect a person or an object that would come in the path of your garage door. This will help you to stop or reverse the directions.


Addition of a smart phone kit or use of wireless keypad to the garage door opener will definitely increase your convenience. Garage door is a very important addition for your home for daily use durable for years together. Make sure to get a garage door that’s durable, functional as well as attractive looking.


Well-made garage doors, high in quality and well maintained will definitely be long lasting. Durability is a vital aspect and you should choose your garage doors appropriately keeping in mind the stability of the doors. So you require professional garage doors to save your garage doors from accidents, storms and tough weather conditions, etc. Choose a professional company for the installation of garage doors and windows to assure a durable service for long years.


Once decided about the garage door, choose the best that is suitable for your home. Now, it is time to call a professional garage door service company like PCS Doors for your purchase and arrangement and installation of doors and windows. For more information on garage doors and latest features available, subscribe to our blog today!
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